Look out from my window :)


This is one of the views from my window:) A night view.
It is facing a primary school…so you can hear the bell rings for recess, the children’s playing, squealing with delight on the field where they play a game called ”Catching”, which is right beside the school from Mondays through Fridays. Because of the haze (PSI still between 70-120), I opened my window less often these days. It’s a little sad that the suspended PM10 pollutants will stay until early November becos of the El Nino and rain will not arrive before end October. Meanwhile we got to endure with it. I am getting dizziness as inhaling all these weird PM10 what you call, with size big enough to irritate eyes, throat, worse still I have got a sensitive nose

I managed some wonderful skies shot by the beautiful sunset by peering out of this window though (before the hazy days). One of which I’ve shared it here.

So Kris (Szentes, Hungary) you can see my ‘world’ now 😉.

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