DanielKHC’s Singapore No.7 – Tyersall House

The infamous abandoned Tyersall House (also known as Istana Woodneuk), Singapore.

For the little history, this house was first built in 1854, and was known as “Tyersall House”. In 1860, a Malay sultan took over the property and the house was demolished. The new house, Istana Woodneuk (“istana” means “palace” in Malay) was built in 1890 and completed 2 years later. In 1905, it was badly burnt because of faulty electrical wiring. This house has been abandoned since 1907..

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3 thoughts on “DanielKHC’s Singapore No.7 – Tyersall House

  1. This place is beautiful! I’m moving to Singapore this summer, and I can’t wait to see places like this!

  2. The Malay Sultan,if I’m not mistaken,was the then Sultan of Johor,Sultan Abu Bakar.

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