Singapore Daily Photo: Barrels of Light

Single RAW Exposure with LEE GND 0.6 + 0.9 (soft)

©Jeremy Photography 2014 by chaoticbusher

Singapore Daily Photo: Mess Pipes

2 Image HDR/DRI, 2 Image Vertorama using GND 0.9 soft. Pasir Ris, Park, Singapore.

Was hesitant to process this, but just did it anyway. Once again I just wish the tide was a little bit higher, and the foreground wouldn’t appear a little messy. Nonetheless, great awesome outing indeed. More importantly I enjoyed myself. by WarthFire_GTX

Singapore Daily Photo: Chrunchy Kranji

2 Image HDR/DRI 2 image vertorama using GND 0.6 hard + ND 0.9 x2 to achieve 6 stops for smoothed water effects. Kranji Beach, Singapore. Once again shot with the Sony A99 + 16-35mm Zeiss.

It’s also been a looong time (probably about a year) since I’ve stepped foot on that place. I’ve always wanted to experiment shooting at a tide level of 2.0m, so here it is. Not sure why I named it Crunchy Kranji though. Probably because it rhymes, and somehow the messy, dark brown grungy foreground makes me kinda want to… Eat chocolates? LOL.

The yellow leaf stuck onto the fallen tree branch on the left was kinda icing on the cake to break the rhythm of a dreadful foreground. Yellow – Hmm, that’s like putting butter on chocolate. Wonder how’d that taste like. by WarthFire_GTX