Marriott’s Story

What started off by John W Marriott and his wife in 1927 became now the international chain of Marriott hotels and resorts. It was at first just a root beer stand in Washington, D.C., based on the idea of offering a cool drink in the humid and sweltering hot summer. Following that was a first motor hotel and second hotel in Arlington Virginia. They spinned off later to Senior Living services communities with focus on hotel ownership and management. Shortly acquiring Ritz-Carlton Hotel and expanded its holding company over the years. Today, you can enjoy the freshest International buffet spread that keeps you going back for more. If you like seafood, you can find freshest selection of snow crabs, oysters, prawns, crayfish. Piping hot live-pulled noodles, Singapore Chili Crab, succulent roasts and Chicken Rice, Crispy Pork Saddle, Slow Roasted Prime Ribs, Sticky Date Pudding desserts to name a few.  Resource:

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